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Shangri La

Shangri La

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 Flavor Profile

A balanced amber tea infused with subtle spice notes and hints of apricot. This tea is brisk and complex, with a well-balanced astringency and mouthfeel.


Maipokhari, Nepal.

Grown at 6500 feet. 

Leaf Character It is hand rolled, followed by mechanical rolling to give a fine twist, and oxidized over 26 hours at a 6500 feet elevation. The constant flow of cold mist supplied by nature at this altitude makes the oxidation process extremely slow. Once the desired color and flavor is attained, which is less than most black teas (some might consider it on the edge of a darkish Oolong), it is dried slowly.
Suggested Brew

1.5 tsp per 8-10oz of water at 205° F for 4-5 minutes

1 oz makes ~8 cups

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