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English Breakfast

English Breakfast

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Our own blend of black teas from Assam, Nilgiri (Southern India) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). This breakfast tea can be enjoyed as is, but pairs exceptionally with milk or sugar.

This is English Tealeaves # 1 selling tea and has been for over 14 years.  One of our founders, Rob, created this blend for his wife, Lynne, to surpass her favorite Taylor's of Harrogate's English Breakfast.

 Flavor Profile

Moderately strong in flavor & astringency

No bitterness


India, Assam region

India, Nilgiri region

Sri Lanka

Leaf Character
Suggested Brew

2 tsp per 8-10oz of water at 200-205° F for 3-4 minutes

1 oz makes ~8 cups 



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