Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate organic has a toasty earthy herbal flavor and is high in mateine, which is similar to caffeine.


Herbal organic
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Yerba Mate organic has a toasty earthy herbal flavor and is high in mateine. This is similar to caffeine and the level is considered to be as high as something like Red Bull. This is why you will see teenagers drinking this in Brazil and surrounding countries.
Brazilian Mate became the most popular drink of the Gauchos, the South American cowboys.
Much healthier than other keep awake drinks and stronger than coffee.

It is an indigenous herb of the Amazon and popular throughout Latin America for its robust flavor. It's often referred to as the "tea" of Latin America. Organic Yerba Mate is one of many potential renewable rain forest products and part of a socially and environmentally conscious movement known as "market driven conservation. This harvesting of the herb is an alternative for the Amazon natives as an income after losing logging work.

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