White Peony
White Peony (Pai Mu Dan) is a white organic tea from China.

White organic tea
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White Peony (Pai Mu Dan) is a white organic tea from China. It is made from two leaves and a bud and opens like a peony.

A peony is known as the "flower of riches and honor."You can find the peony used as a symbol of life and honor throughout Chinese symbology and art.

Arguably the first use of peonies by people was for their medicinal value. There is evidence that peonies were used extensively in both the Far East and Europe as long as two thousand years ago. Many parts of the plant are purported to have medicinal properties. Roots, bark, seeds and flowers were all believed to be of some medicinal use.

In texts describing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) three peony preparations are well known. The first is Mu Dan Pi, which is made from the bark of tree peonies, and is said to cool the blood as well as have antibacterial properties. Chi Shao Yao is made from the root of the herbaceous peony P. lactiflora and is also said to cool the blood and relieve pain. Bai Shao Yao is made from the same roots but with the bark removed and is said to nourish the blood.

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