White Cherry
White Cherry is a flavored white & green tea with a hint of jasmine & coconut in the predominant cherry flavor.

white tea
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White cherry is a flavored white & green tea with a hint of jasmine & coconut in the predominant cherry flavor. Subtle taste that lingers in the mouth. It has a very complex blend of white, greens and flavored jasmine teas.

Facts and Stories on Cherries

Black cherries are used for making jam and cherry pies and are a popular flavoring for sodas and ice creams. The black cherry is commonly used instead of sweet cherries to achieve a sharper taste. It is also used in cakes which include dark chocolate, such as a Black Forest gateau.
Most cherry species are native to the Northern Hemisphere, where they are widely grown. Some 10 to 12 species are recognized in North America and a similar number in Europe. The greatest concentration of species, however, appears to be in eastern Asia.
Black cherry juice is typically used as a remedy for health conditions like gout and arthritis. Rich in antioxidants, including anthocyanins, black cherry juice is purported to reduce inflammation.
Facts and Stories about Jasmine

In China green teas are the teas that are traditionally scented with Jasmine flowers with only a small production of the higher caffeine black teas. The petals are harvested during the day and stored cool at night when they bloom and unfold their full fragrance. The traditional method of production is to roll the tea with the jasmine flowers many times to transfer the scent to the teas. According to the desired quality grades the petals are sifted out after processing with the higher priced tea having no petals. For this reason teas vary from light to stronger delicate floral flavors and tastes. The cup has a light, slightly yellow color and spreads the intense bouquet of jasmine. This is a link to a short video that shows that shows Jasmine tea production
Jasmine species name is Jasminum officinale and is a deciduous plant that can grow up to 30 feet high. It is believed that the jasmine flowers used to make jasmine tea were brought to China from Iran during the Tang Dynasty over 1000 years ago. Initially used for decorative purposes it is associated with good luck and in religious ceremonies purity. It also represents beauty and sensuality in some cultures linked to its enchanting scent.
Benefits of jasmine tea have been reported to include (but are not limited to):
Decreased risk of esophageal cancer
Calmed mood and Slower heart rates
Reduced risk of stroke
Lower cholesterol
Here’s to your health and wellness!

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