Black tea flavored with Vanilla.

Flavored black tea
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English Tealeaves vanilla has a black base tea that blends extremely well with the popular taste of vanilla that is created with vanilla pieces and flavoring.

Facts and Stories on Vanilla

Vanilla is considered the queen of all spices. The Aztecs used to season their famous chocolate drink with vanilla. The vanilla pod is the fruit of an orchid species which has its home in Mexico. The hand-pollinated blossoms produce ripe fruits after eight months, and are then treated in a complicated fermentation process. The pods change color and develop their full aroma.
Ever wondered how vanilla tea benefits your health? Not only does it treat stress and anxiety, it also has such a strong and natural flavor, you need not add any sweetener, so you can save your figure the extra calories.
If you want to spice up your vanilla tea, simply add a pinch of cinnamon and you have a vanilla cinnamon black tea to sip on in the morning or evening.

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