Join Rob & Lynne, owners of Tealeaves, for a tea tasting

Saturday April 24th, at 3 pm MST on Zoom – no cost to customers.

Learn about the teas that Rob and Lynne drink every day, how they are brewed and facts on the teas. Six teas will be brewed and tasted, and three others discussed. To make it more fun you can brew along with them and buy the teas in trial size bags at a discount of 35%, in the Café or online.

The six teas will be: English Breakfast, Formosa Oolong, Pouchong, Mint Vanilla, Irish Whiskey and After 7. Teas that will be discussed are Shangri La, Indochine and Golden Red.

Cost for the six is $20. On line the teas will be shown as the first item on the trial sizes and can be opened with the link below. The log in link for Zoom is also below.

If you are buying online the deadline for ordering, to make sure you get the teas on time, will be Thursday, April 15th. You may already have some of the teas at home, so the other teas discussed can be substituted. Online put the changes in the comments at check out.

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Trial size sample bags
are ideal for trying out an unknown tea flavor so that if you are not keen you don't feel that the investment has been too costly. Like buying new types of wine you have to gamble but $5.25 is much cheaper than wine! All types of trial size are shown - A to Z
We use a clear bag so that you can immediately see what the leaves look like and also show others. We are not concerned about sunlight degradation in such a small sample as it should be drunk fairly quickly.
After 7 is chocolate peppermint blend that is caffeine free After 7

Chocolate peppermint caffeine free

Price: $5.25
Black floral blend with spices, vanilla and rosebuds Almond Rose

Floral spicy vanilla

Price: $5.25
Almond Apple Crisp herbal fruit tisane blend caffeine-free Apple Almond Crisp

Fruit tisane caffeine free

Price: $5.25
Arabian Nights Arabian Nights

Honey Bush blend

Price: $5.25
Assam Hathikuli black loose-leaf tea Assam Hathikuli Organic

Assam Hathikuli Black

Price: $5.25
Black tea that is hand crafted in the Sonitpur District in Assam, India Assam Kanoka


Price: $5.25
Assam full-bodied loose-leaf tea Assam Leopards

Assam Leopards black blend

Price: $5.25
Black cherry flavored black loose-leaf tea Black Cherry

Black Cherry flavored black tea

Price: $5.25
Blackcurrant flavored black tea Blackcurrant

Flavored black tea

Price: $5.25
Organic orange caffeine free fruit tisane Blood Orange

Organic orange fruit tisane

Price: $5.25
Floral blend of blossoms and petals with three black teas Blossoms

Floral black tea blend

Price: $5.25
Rich caramel nut flavored black tea Caramel Nut

Flavored black tea

Price: $5.25
Herbal blend of carrot and spices with white chocolate Carrot Cake

Herbal blend with chocolate

Price: $5.25
Ceylon Pettigala mild breakfast tea Ceylon Pettigala

Mild black tea from Ceylon

Price: $5.25
Coconut chai rooibos is a caffeine free blend that gives the chai spicy flavor with coconut Chai Coconut

Coconut spicy rooibos

Price: $5.25
Healthy, delicious green chai tea Chai Green

Chai flavored green

Price: $5.25
Chai organic Indian black tea Chai Indian Black

Chai Indian organic black

Price: $5.25
Organic chamomile herbal tea has been used since ancient times to treat a variety of ailments. Chamomile

Herbal organic tea caffeine free

Price: $5.25
chocolate coconut black tea blend Chocolate Bon Bon

chocolate coconut

Price: $5.25
Chocolate Delight has a rich milky chocolate flavor Chocolate Delight

Milky Chocolate taste

Price: $5.25
Rich and satisfying flavor of chocolate and peppermint Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate Peppermint black tea

Price: $5.25
chocolate truffle black tea decaffeinated Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate decaffeinated

SALE: $4.00
Cinnamon Orange decaffeinated tea has a spicy orange flavor Cinnamon Orange Decaffeinated

Cinnamon Orange Decaffeinated

Price: $5.25
Caffeine-free cherry flavored fruit infusion is good iced or hot Cloudcatcher

Cherry coconut

Price: $5.25
Green tea with coconut and almonds Coconut Almond

Green Flavored

Price: $5.25
coffee tea flavored black loose-leaf tea Coffetea

Coffee flavored black tea

Price: $5.25
Black tea grown at 6,000 feet in the 
Andes mountains of Columbia, S. America Columbian Black

Columbia Black

Price: $5.25
1st Flush Darjeeling organic tastes very fresh and mildly sweet. Darjeeling 1st Flush

First flush organic

Price: $5.25
This 2nd flush organic darjeeling tea is smooth and fruity Darjeeling 2nd Flush Organic

2nd flush organic

Price: $5.25