Chocolate/tea pairing
Next tasting will be posted shortly
Ally, from The Chocolate Therapist, and our tea specialist, Michele are holding a tasting this Saturday
They will pair our carefully chosen teas with unique hand-crafted chocolates that are Gluten Free from The Chocolate Therapist. Learn about chocolate, how the ones you will eat are produced and the different types of teas and ingredients that make up the blends.

The teas you taste will be for sale at a 25% discount and boxed selections of the chocolates will be offered at a special price.
Cost is $30/person

Below is information of the Blending Classes we offer

Tea Blending Class

The first tea blending class proved to be a great success and was oversold. The participants learned about the art of blending and had great fun creating their own blends. We also learned from this first event and have made some improvements.

Robin & Michele will take you through some of the tea blending & flavoring principles. They will also explain some of the most common tea blends.

You will then have the opportunity to come up with your own creation, taste the blend, modify it to get the best flavor for your palette and take home your blend. You will also be able to sample the tea blends from other class members. If your blend is excellent, we may add it to our range with your name as the blender. For this honor, you will receive a free bag a month for a year.

Limited to 12 and a cost of $15

Please call the Cafe to make a reservation

720 851 6099