Rose of the Orient
Rose and blossoms  green tea with healthy rose hips.

Fruity Rose
Green blend
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Very bold rose tea and blossoms with an amazing aroma and a fruity floral taste with a hint of jasmine. Flavored with rose hips.

Rose of the Orient tea is designed to take you to a time and place when the orient was still a far off and exotic place. Enjoy the exotic experience with Rose of the Orient tea.

A rose by any other name still has incredible health benefitsRose flavored tea is actually derived from rose hips, the fruit of the rose plant.

These fruits are reddish or orange in color and look like oblong berries. Rose hips are very high in Vitamin C, and provide a great way to increase Vitamin C intake without consuming extra sugar.Rose hip tea is thought of as a wellness tea, as it provides vitamins and healthy acids. It's thought to help remedy ailments like insomnia and fatigue. It may even be a good preventative measure to take when you feel like you're coming down with a cold, as the Vitamin C in rose tea can help keep the common cold at bay.

While you may drink it for the health properties, you can also enjoy it simply for the taste. Tart, fruity and floral, this flower tea is an aromatic and refreshing beverage.

Facts and stories bout Roses

have that amazing fragrant aroma and are available in many colors with red being the favorite on Valentine’s Day. Not many males will have failed to give a bunch of red roses to their sweetheart in their courting or married life. The famous line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is when she said “That which we call a rose by any other name would be just as sweet”. Apart from the aroma when it is added to tea blends it also contributes to the visual appearance.

The classic saying “take time to smell the roses” is for everyone in the hectic bustle of the 21st century, but what are the origins. From our research it is not clear but the best derivation seems to be the joining of two sayings and ironically one relates to coffee. “stop and smell the roses” and "wake up and smell the coffee” in the 1940’s.

Roses originate from around 32 million years ago according to fossils discovered in the Northern Hemisphere, Europe, America, the Middle East and the Orient. There are now 150 species that are sold for landscaping.

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