Raspberry is a flavored black tea that is good hot or iced.

Raspberry flavored
black tea
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Raspberry is a flavored black tea with the classic taste that will remind you of this delicious red fruit. Good hot or iced.

The raspberry tea that we offer is not to be confused with raspberry leaves tea that is really not a tea but an herbal infusion that has no caffeine. Our raspberry black has black tea leaves that have a high caffeine content. Many doctors advise during pregnancy not to have any caffeine. On the other hand some doctors recommend the raspberry leaves to help during pregnancy to reduce morning sickness and other benefits during labor.

Facts and stories about RASPBERRIES

Raspberries date back to prehistoric times and there is debate when the fruit was first mentioned. The best story is back to Helen of Troy in the country which is now Turkey. Most people will remember the two lovers of opposing families that ended with the famous Trojan Horse. A little like the William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliette. In the 16th century it was recorded in a journal of Herbal Medicine in England and the first cultivation was around the 19th century in Europe and North America. Major producers now include the USA, Russia, Chile and Germany.

There are over 200 hundred species of raspberries but only two types that are now cultivated. Although the most common one is a burgundy red it does come in other colors from a white to a black. It is a fruit that is delicious and practically melts in your mouth. With a taste that is a combination of sweetness yet has a sharp impact on the palate when they burst in your mouth with a lingering aftertaste.

Many health claims that are linked to raspberries include prevention of cancer & infections, weight loss, reducing wrinkles and improving the immune system because of their high level of antioxidants.

Most people however eat them just for the taste as raw fruit, in jams and preserves, drinks and on cereals to help with diets. One of the best fruits that freezes well and still good when regardless of the ripeness.

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