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Divine Temple • Specialty Loose Leaf Tea

Divine Temple • Specialty Loose Leaf Tea

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Indulge in the Divine Temple blend of green and white tea, sweetened with jasmine, mango, pineapple, papaya, orange, strawberry, red currants, apricot, and cherry. The delicate but predominate flavor is a balance of lychee and peach. 

Flavor Profile

Mild green and white tea with lychee and peach.


Green and white tea blend, jasmine, candied mango, pineapple & papaya, orange peel, strawberry bits, red currants, apricot bits, sour cherry bits, flavoring

Suggested Brew

1-2 tsp in 8 ounces of 180-190F water for 2-3 minutes

Cup Conversion

1 ounce makes about 8 cups

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