Peach Mojito
Peach Mojito has the characteristics of the famous drink - mint, peach and a caramel flavor.

Peach Mojito
black tea
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Peach Mojito has the characteristics of the famous drink - mint, peach and a caramel flavor. Great iced when you could add your own rum or perhaps tequila.

Facts and Stories about Mojitos

Everyone agrees that the Mojito was created in Cuba, the island of rum. There are two versions of its origin and the earliest dates back to Sir Francis Drake in the 1500’s and the other to the African slaves working in the sugar plantations. This is plausible as the word mojito comes from an African word mojo that means little spell (perhaps when you are drunk?). Bacardi, which is a world known producer of rum dating back to the 1800’s, helped make the drink famous. The writer Ernest Hemingway was a big fan after a visit to Cuba and it has featured in a James Bond film.

The classic recipe is fresh lime juice, mint leaves muddled, sugar and a white rum. Some add club soda, substitute or add dark rum and if you are in Mexico the rum will become Tequila. So why not try our virgin black tea mojito and just add a garnish of a mint leaf and a wedge of lime. Very tasty, refreshing and no hangover.

Facts and Stories about Peaches

Peaches originated in China and were first cultivated in Persia before moving to Europe and now there are many thousands of varieties. It has an orange, yellowy exterior, some red areas and a fuzzy texture skin with a stone/seed. Peaches are mainly eaten fresh and have a delicious fresh juicy taste and similar to a nectarine. Canned in large quantities it is used in pies, the famous peach cobbler, jams. It is high in antioxidants and vitamin C with good health benefits.

The peach is still very prominent in Chinese culture and the blossoms are carried by Chinese brides and considered the tree of life. China is still one of the main producers along with Spain, Italy and the United States.

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