Pu Erh Organic
Pu Erh Organic is a darkish Oolong that is aged to produce a stronger fuller flavor.

Aged oolong tea
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Oolong Pu Erh organic is a darkish oolong that is then aged and like fine wines produces a stronger fuller flavor.It is aged in temperature and climate controlled environments and comes from China.
This tea has a very earthy and vegetative taste and the largest majority of drinkers, from our experience, are ladies. This is truly one of the best "medicinal" teas and is very beneficial for soothing the stomach after some bad food experience. Good idea to take with you on vacation. Many chemo patients have really been able to reduce the sickness by drinking this tea.

This is not the tea for everyone so try a sample bag first. If you want to play safe and get the health benefits and have more chance of liking the tea try the flavored versions. Mint Vanilla, Ginger and French Kiss.

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