Moroccan Mint
Moroccan Mint tastes just like fresh mint leaves from your garden with a green tea to give it a full body and smooth taste

Moroccan mint
organic green
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Moroccan Mint organic green tea by English Tealeaves is the mint tea you have been looking for. Tastes just like fresh mint leaves from your garden with a green tea which gives it a smooth and full bodied drink.
If you are serving tea at a party, serve Moroccan mint in clear glasses with fresh mint leaves inside the cup. It gives a nice look that is both fresh and colorful.

Moroccan Mint facts and Stories

There is much debate when the drink was introduced to Morocco ranging from the 12th century to the 18th century. One of the stories is that in the 1800’s the trade between Maghreb, in Northwest Africa, and Europe started to flourish resulting in the importing of tea and sugar. Morocco is one of the biggest importers of green tea from China, mainly the stronger teas, such as gunpowder and Chun Mee.
It is prepared in a very special way and the time consuming method becomes a sort of ritual. The green tea is initially washed to remove any fines or dust and then brewed for several minutes before the sugar is added. Using a metal teapot with a long curved spout the tea is poured from a height of around 20 inches to create a foamy head into glass cups with ornate copper bronze exteriors. The amount of tea leaves in the pot allows several infusions. During the preparation the Moroccans may say “Insha Allah” which means “with god willing, all good things will come in time”.


Peppermint was first discovered in England in the late 18th century and is a flowering perennial. Probably the world’s most well-known aroma, it was named in Greek mythology when Menthe was turned into a peppermint plant after Proserpine found that Pluto was in love with her.

Cultivated mainly in Europe it is a hybrid of the spearmint plant and water mint and is a perennial that grows easily and can spread rapidly to overtake a location. It likes moisture and therefore likes growing by the side of streams and drainage ditches.

Used in many applications like chewing gum, ice cream and toothpaste, but ironically the most popular use is for blending or flavoring drinks, especially tea. At English Tealeaves we offer it as an herbal, the classic Moroccan mint blended with green tea, a mint vanilla blend and as a flavor with chocolate mint and After 7. In England it is used as a condiment when chopped in small pieces with vinegar & sugar and served with roast lamb as against the mint jelly in the USA.

Used in medicine it has many health benefits such as improving nasal blockage as a menthol (the main ingredient of mint) vapor, reducing sickness when pregnant, to mention a few.

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5 of 5 Refreshing September 29, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from West Salem, WI United States  
Moroccan Mint is a great, refreshing tea. The mint isn't overpowering or artificial tasting. Perfect year-round as it tastes great hot or iced.

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