Magic Moon
Magic Moon is a complex black and green blend with a taste of exotic papaya

Black green blend
Papaya taste

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This extraordinary blend of black tea with a portion of green tea enjoys great popular. The selected ingredients unite to create a completely new taste experience: the sweet papaya blends harmoniously with the fine tartness of the intensely red, shining rose hip peel. Lightly flavored with the full, fruity flavors of select, high-quality, exotic but also popular domestic fruits ═ a unique taste sensation. Simply magical!

Facts and Stories on Papaya

Papayas originate from Mexico and S. America and are now grown in the Caribbean Islands and as far away as Australia and India. Christopher Columbus gave it the compliment of being the fruit of angels.
The fruit can grow up to 20 inches but in the supermarkets it is usually around 8 inches and has a rich orange color with yellow or pink hues and has seeds. The fruit is very sweet, similar texture to a melon and has some undertones of what some call musk. Papayas are often blended with mangoes in tropical drinks.

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