Flavored teas with blends using black, green, white and oolong bases - all caffeinated from high to low levels:
Almond Rose - an unusual blend of black tea, spices, nuts, rosebuds and vanilla flavoring that gives a complex floral spicy cream flavor.
Apricot - very aromatic and strong apricot taste
Black Cherry - fresh fruity taste of cherries
Blackcurrant - a very flavorful blackcurrant black tea with blackcurrant pieces
Blossoms - a blend of three black teas from India, Ceylon and China blended with several blossoms and petals to give a very floral aroma and taste.
Caramel Nut - rich aroma and satisfying flavor this is commonly regarded by our coffee drinkers as the best among flavored teas
Chai Espresso - full rich flavor with a strong cinnamon chai taste with the background coffee flavor
Chai Green - the green tea base creates a milder chai and offers a very refreshing taste due to the addition of peppermint
Chai White - white tea base with great spices to become a very tasty chai that is smooth and gentle on your stomach.
Choc’ Peppermint - rich soothing chocolate peppermint
Divine Temple - a complex blend of 17 different teas & fruits
Earl Grey* - intense aroma, full flavor with natural oil of bergamot
Earl Grey Cream - perfectly balances the tart citrus flavor of orange bergamot with rich, silky cream
Earl Grey Lavender - combines Earl Grey's traditional bergamot flavor with that of soothing, fragrant lavender
Earl Grey Royalty* - organic black tea from China & Darjeeling, India resulting in a milder British style blend.
Princess Grey* - a milder bergamot combined with a delicious lemony flavor
Enchanted Forest - captivating marzipan flavored green tea and mate blend
English Toffee - flavorful toffee blend with real toffee pieces
French Kiss - sweet strawberry and mango in a Pu Erh base
Ginger Pu Erh* - a healthy combination of organic Pu Erh and ginger
Indian Chai* - black tea with traditional chai spices
Irish Whiskey - perfect blend, smooth, creamy, and strong
Japanese Cherry - Sencha base with high-quality sour cherry pieces and a tempting cherry flavor
Jasmine - Chinese green tea scented with Jasmine flowers
Jasmine Pearls - Jasmine flavored green tea rolled into little balls or pearls - multiple infusions

Lemon Ginger - great combination of the ginger tea health benefits mixed with lemon

Lemon Surprise – flavored green tea that has a very lemony taste with a touch of coconut

Magic Moon - extraordinary blend of black tea with a portion of green tea and fruit

Mango - mango flavored black tea that is great iced

Mango Pear - unique flavor of these two fruits will surprise you in its delicate taste

Maple Walnut - exceptional taste experience of sweet, viscous maple syrup and crunchy walnuts

Mayan Cocoa - this chocolate tea has a strong "coffee" like flavor

Mint Vanilla* - tastes good but can also do you good

Moroccan Mint* - tastes just like fresh mint leaves from your garden with a green tea.

Orange & Spicy - Indian spices rounded off with natural orange flavoring

Peach - black tea leaves, dried peach, mango, blackberry leaves, sunflower and calendula petals

Peach Blossom* - white tea and peach blossom flavor is delicate but very tasty

Peach Mojito - has the characteristics of the famous drink - mint, peach and a caramel flavor

Pineapple Cake - the most aromatic tea that we have in our range

Pineapple Matcha - green tea with matcha that has a bold pineapple taste and great iced

Pomegranate - enjoy a green tea with pomegranate nutritional benefits

Raspberry - flavored black tea that is good hot or iced

Red Wine* - black oolong base with red grape skins and fruits

Rose of Orient - tart, fruity and floral green tea

Snowflake - black tea with fine slivers of almond and choice pieces of coconut

Spiced Rum - black tea with the taste of spiced rum without the alcohol

Strawberry Cream - smooth and simply delicious

Strawberry Green – green tea with real bits of strawberry and papaya

Tea on the Beach - green tea with sour cherries and ripe, dripping, sweet pineapple

Tropical Coconut* - greenish oolong with coconut and pineapple

Vanilla – black tea with the robust, relaxing, and fragrant scent of vanilla

White Cherry - white & green tea with a hint of jasmine & coconut in the predominant cherry flavor

HERBAL & FRUIT INFUSIONS - caffeine free

After 7 - refreshing taste of chocolate and mint, like dessert in a tea cup

Apple Almond - imagine the delicious smell of apple crisp baking in the oven

Blood Orange* - a caffeine free fruit tea with a distinctive orange flavor

Blueberry Hibiscus

Chamomile* - chamomile has been used since ancient times to treat a variety of ailments

Cherry Vanilla

Cloud Catcher - freeze-dried kiwi and sour cherry pieces with juicy cranberry slices

Coconut Chai - caffeine free rooibos blend with chai spices and coconut

Ginger Lime* - tasty herbal tea that really brings out the ginger and lime flavors

Ginger Snap Cookie - like a gingersnap biscuit (cookie) - spice nut taste

Goodnight - blend of herbs that has a spicy fruity flavor that disguises the valerian - great for bedtime

Happy Colada - fresh and sweet orange, pineapple and cherry flavors

Hibiscus* - rooibos blend with tart hibiscus and zesty lemongrass

Honey Bear - sweet tasting herbal tea with small sugar bear candies

This is what you can get when you order a pot of tea:

A two-cup teapot, English china cups, individual pitcher of milk, unique, colorful sachets of sugar, Splenda and Sweet 'n Low, decorative spoons, a pitcher of hot water (on request), a generously sized napkin, a warmer with a lighted tea candle, a timer set for the appropriate time for your particular type of tea and, most importantly, an infuser in the pot containing your choice of the finest tea leaves, with a drip tray in which to place the used infuser. All these items are delivered to your table on a beautiful tray.
When you have enjoyed your tea and are ready to leave, just walk out and leave our friendly staff to clear your table.