Over 125 loose leaf teas - black tea, green tea, oolongs, decaffeinated, herbal teas, and fruit teas.

You can use the set up below to print a copy of the Tea Chart to keep a log of what teas you have drunk


Almond Rose
After 7

This is what you can get when you order a pot of tea:

A two-cup teapot, English china cups, individual pitcher of milk, unique, colorful sachets of sugar, Splenda and Sweet 'n Low, decorative spoons, a pitcher of hot water (on request), a generously sized napkin, a warmer with a lighted tea candle, a timer set for the appropriate time for your particular type of tea and, most importantly, an infuser in the pot containing your choice of the finest tea leaves, with a drip tray in which to place the used infuser. All these items are delivered to your table on a beautiful tray.
When you have enjoyed your tea and are ready to leave, just walk out and leave our friendly staff to clear your table.
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