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High Teas and English Tea Parties at English Tealeaves inspired by the English heritage of the owners and perfected over the last 15 years.

FAQ’s about our Colorado High Tea Parties

Q: Aren't tea parties just for old ladies and little girls?
A: Perhaps there is a misconception (among some people) that tea parties are a “women-only” event. However, our customers here in Colorado certainly don't think so.

Just some examples of situations where people have enjoyed high tea parties at English Tealeaves include:
Husbands and wives enjoying a special time together;
Parents entertaining grown-up children visiting Colorado from out-of-town;
Groups of 18 year-olds celebrating graduation from several of Colorado’s high schools
Anyone can enjoy a tea party. (Watch the Tea Party videos and you will see what we mean.)

Q: What kind of food comes with a typical high tea party? And if I come to a tea party at English Tealeaves, what kind of food do you serve?

Typical high tea parties, no matter where they happen, always include:
Finger sandwiches
Scones with cream and jam
Tea (of course!)
At English Tealeaves, we offer two types of high tea parties (Deluxe Tea and Royal Tea), plus a really fun Kids' tea party for children ages 4-10.

We also offer special parties for various holidays and special occasions. (We held one for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration that was a lot of fun!). We always offer a Mother's Day event and a spectacular Holiday Tea between Thanksgiving and New Year.

Q: What's your favorite memory from one of the tea parties you have had at English Tealeaves?
A: We have had hundreds of tea parties here at Tealeaves Cafe, so it's difficult to pick out just one. However, watching the tea party video, you can see the variety of groups we have hosted.

Q: What makes a high tea party at English Tealeaves better than a tea party somewhere else?
A: Our customers have told us that whilst other Colorado tea shops and locales have nice settings, our selection of teas and the number of pots we serve during our tea parties is far superior. Our service is friendly and knowledgeable, and our customers are always welcome to stay as long as they would like.

Also, when it comes to our tea parties, the food is always high quality and freshly prepared. We do have an advantage being that the English style of preparation for teas is our heritage. Being English ourselves, tea parties are simply part of who we are.

"Our aim is to give you an enjoyable, relaxing experience with great food and excellent tea!"
-Lynne, Robin & Rob