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  • We are open at 50% capacity for in house dining and on the patio when the weather is suitable.
  • Also for the sale of tea, tea accessories and gifts
  • Closed Sunday and Monday
  • Tuesday 11 to 4 Saturday

High Teas and English Tea Parties at English Tealeaves inspired by the English heritage of the owners and perfected over the last 15 years.

Our aim is to give you an enjoyable, relaxing experience with great food and excellent tea!


The Duchess of Bedford is given credit for “inventing” Tea Parties in England during the beginning of the nineteenth century. She had hunger pains between a light lunch and the traditional late evening meal. She solved this problem by asking her maid to bring a pot of tea and a little light refreshment to her room, and it worked so well that she asked her friends to join her for afternoon tea. The concept caught on and all of fashionable London started to indulge in these gatherings to drink tea, eat finger sandwiches, delicate cakes and very importantly to exchange gossip and general conversation.

Mrs. Beeton of cookbook fame, told her readers, in 1882, that sandwiches intended for afternoon tea are dainty trifles, pleasing to the eye and palette, but too flimsy to allay any hunger that may exist.

As the Tea Parties caught on they were helped by the silversmiths offering beautiful tea sets, along with porcelain companies and linen suppliers. These were the upper class Afternoon Tea Parties, generally at 4 pm, which should not be confused with High Teas. These were a hearty family meal for mainly the working classes, eaten between 5:30 and 6pm. Sometimes called a meat tea or Great tea they consisted of hearty dishes and sweet foods. So what were Low Teas? These were the earlier non stylish afternoon teas, also know as “Little Teas” for the small amount of food served. The name Low comes from the use of low armchairs to seat the guests.

So what are High Teas and Tea Parties today? In the Denver area there are several places offering Tea Parties of different types, from the Victoriana style tea houses with elegant silver teapots and china, to the modern Cafes like English Tealeaves. Our approach with our English heritage is to have good food, finger sandwiches, scones with English jams and Clotted Cream, decadent desserts and most importantly tea. We are confident you will not find any other venue in Colorado to have a high tea that can offer the selection and quality of teas and get advice on what you would like. Also you can buy tea to take home and we will give advice on how to make the tea to get the same taste profile that you drank in the Cafe

We offer a choice of 125 teas that you choose individually, hot or cold, and we will help you make your selection and give the history of the tea. You will tire of drinking tea before we do of serving. We also let you choose when you wish to have the party as against having to fit into a specific schedule, but allow at least 2 hours to enjoy the food, tea and your friends.

Clotted Cream for scones

Clotted Cream is the cream that is served in England with scones and jam. This is a very delicious rich cream that is unique to Devon, England and the cream we serve in our Café. Expensive to import but the “real thing” We serve this in the small unopened jars to show that it is genuine and many people take some home. Many Cafes try and make it themselves to save cost but once you have tried the Devonshire original it is difficult to accept substitutes.

Clotted cream is made by indirectly heating cow’s milk using a water or steam bath in trays where the thicker cream rises to the surface and forms “clots”. Perhaps due to the high fat content it is appropriate to called it clotted (arteries) but it is only a small jar of one ounce that we serve.

There is always the argument, like milk in tea, what do you put on the scone first. Traditionally in England you put the jam first and then the cream on top. I love clotted cream so my method is cream jam cream.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to England I would suggest that you visit Devon and then further south west to Cornwall. Be brave and drive your own rental car along the very narrow, high hedgerow roads where you may have to reverse into special pull offs to let other vehicles pass. Great coast line and downs (Lorna Doone) full of sheep – Rob – Owner of English Tealeaves