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Black floral blend with spices, vanilla and rosebuds Almond Rose

Floral spicy vanilla

Price: $17.65
Black cherry flavored black loose-leaf tea Black Cherry

Black Cherry flavored black tea

Price: $17.65
Blackcurrant flavored black tea Blackcurrant

Flavored black tea

Price: $17.65
Floral blend of blossoms and petals with three black teas Blossoms

Floral black tea blend

Price: $17.65
Caramel nut flavored black tea Caramel Nut

Caramel Nut flavored black

Price: $17.65
Chai with a black tea base and spices Chai Espresso

Chai with coffee taste

Price: $17.65
Healthy, delicious green chai tea Chai Green

Chai flavored green

Price: $17.65
Masala Chai organic Indian black tea Chai Indian Black

Chai Indian organic black

Price: $17.65
chocolate coconut black tea blend Chocolate Bon Bon

Chocolate coconut

Price: $17.65
Rich and satisfying flavor of chocolate and peppermint Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate Peppermint black tea

Price: $17.65
Green tea with coconut and almonds Coconut Almond

Green Flavored

Price: $17.65
Divine Temple is a complex blend of fruits, white and green tea Divine Temple

Flavored white and green tea

Price: $17.65
Traditional Earl Grey tea favorite with a rich creamy flavor. Earl Grey Cream

Creamy Earl Grey

Price: $18.75
Earl Grey Lavender combines the oil of bergamot and fragrant lavender Earl Grey Lavender

Earl Grey with Lavender

Price: $18.75
Earl Grey organic has an intense aroma and full flavor from the natural oil of bergamot Earl Grey Organic

Natural Bergamot - Organic

Price: $19.25
Earl Grey Princess is a blend of organic black tea, oil of bergamot and lemon myrtle Earl Grey Princess

Earl Grey with citrus flavor

Price: $18.75
Organic Earl Grey Royalty has the milder flavor of a British Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey Royalty

Milder bergamot flavor organic

Price: $18.75
Enchanted Forest is a unique blend of mate, green tea, almonds and other flavors Enchanted Forest

Flavored blend of mate/green tea

Price: $17.65
English Toffee is a rich smooth tasting black tea that really tastes of toffee English Toffee

Special Toffee flavored black

Price: $17.65
French Kiss is a strawberry and mango flavored Pu Erh  oolong tea French Kiss

Flavored pu erh

Price: $17.65
Organic blend of healthy Pu Erh and healthy ginger Ginger Pu Erh

Ginger Pu Erh Organic

Price: $17.65
Irish Whiskey is smooth, creamy and strong. Irish Whiskey

Flavored black

Price: $17.65
Japanese Sencha green tea flavored with cherries Japanese Cherry

Cherry flavored green tea

Price: $17.65
Green tea flavored with jasmine petals Jasmine

Jasmine flavored green tea

Price: $17.65
Jasmine pearls green tea from China Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine hand rolled pearls

Price: $21.25
Lemon Ginger Tea has an excellent lemon and ginger flavor Lemon Ginger

Lemon Ginger flavored Oolong

Price: $17.65
Magic Moon is a complex black and green blend with a taste of exotic papaya Magic Moon

Black green flavored

Price: $17.65
Mango & Pear white tea blend Mango Pear

Mango Pear

Price: $17.65
Mango & Pear white tea blend Mango Pear

Mango Pear

Price: $6.45
Mango Pomegranate is a black flavored tea Mango Pomegranate

Black Flavored

Price: $17.65
Organic Mint Vanilla Pu Erh tastes good but can also do you good. Mint Vanilla

Mint Vanilla organic oolong

Price: $17.65
Moroccan Mint tastes just like fresh mint leaves from your garden with a green tea to give it a full body and smooth taste Moroccan Mint

Morrocan mint organic green

Price: $17.65
nepalese breakfast black tea organically grown Nepalese Breakfast

Nepalese breakfast organic black

Price: $17.65
Classic cinnamon orange flavored black tea. Orange & Spicy

Orange & Spicy black tea

Price: $17.65
Organic white tea with peach flavor Peach Blossom Organic

Peach flavored white tea

Price: $17.65
Peach Mojito has the characteristics of the famous drink - mint, peach and a caramel flavor. Peach Mojito

Peach Mojito black tea

Price: $17.65
Black and green fruit blend Pearl of Fruits

Black and green fruit blend

Price: $17.65
Pineapple Upside Down Cake black tea smells and tastes just like its namesake. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake black

Price: $17.65
Green tea with real pomegranate pieces. Pomegranate

Pomegranate flavored green tea

Price: $17.65
Rose peppermint blend with a white & green tea base Red Rose White

Rose peppermint

Price: $17.65
Rose and blossoms  green tea with healthy rose hips. Rose of the Orient

Green rose tea

Price: $17.65
Salty caramel flavored black loose-leaf tea Salty Caramel

Salty flavored black tea

Price: $17.65
Snowflake coconut almond flavored black tea has been our best selling flavored tea for years. Snowflake

Almond coconut
#1 Flavored Selling Tea

Price: $17.65
green tea blend with spearmint Spearmint

Green tea blend

Price: $17.65
Black tea blend with spices and fruit with oatmealjavascript:void(0); Spice Cookie

Fruit and spices

Price: $17.65
Strawberry Green Tea is our most popular iced tea. Strawberry Green

Strawberry green tea

Price: $17.65
Tea on the Beach is a cherry pineapple flavored green tea. Tea on the Beach

Flavored green tea

Price: $17.65
valentines chocolate, strawberry and coconut with almonds black flavored tea. Valentine's

Chocolate and strawberry

Price: $17.65
Black tea flavored with Vanilla. Vanilla

Flavored black tea

Price: $17.65
White Cherry is a flavored white & green tea with a hint of jasmine & coconut in the predominant cherry flavor. White Cherry

Flavored white

Price: $17.65
Flavored teas – understanding the differences

Flavored teas are a blend of a base tea – black, green, oolong or white together with herbs, fruits and flavoring. Some teas are just a base tea with a flavoring, like our Black Cherry. In addition enhancements are added to improve the visual appearance and entice you to buy, but do not really change the flavor.

More complex blends can have more than 15 ingredients with no flavoring or just a small amount to complete the final taste. Divine Temple is a good example with the following ingredients:

White & green tea (blend of 7 different types), jasmine, mango bits, pineapple bits, papaya bits, orange peels, strawberry bits, red currants, sour cherry bits, apricot bits and natural flavoring.

Earl Grey is a tea that originates in England and consists of a base tea, normally black, and an oil type flavor of bergamot (a citrus fruit) with a very characteristic strong aroma. Many blends rely on the flavoring to sell the product but use an inferior base tea giving an infusion that lacks total flavor and is bitter. I believe we have one of the best Earl Greys as it has a natural organic flavoring on a high graded organic Chinese black tea.

Pu Erh is a famous fermented (aged) blackish Oolong that many tea books list as a medicinal tea. The earthy vegetative aroma and taste put off many people from trying. With the addition of fairly strong herbs & flavoring it can be changed to a very drinkable tea and I refer to it as the morning after tea. If you have had some bad food or over indulged it really helps your stomach recover and we always take my favorite, Mint Vanilla, when travelling. It is so effective that many chemotherapy patients find it helps reduce sickness. We also offer a ginger version as well as a strawberry/mango (French Kiss).

SO when you consider buying a flavored tea, look at the ingredients to see if the blender has tried to come up with a really special assortment that may give you a new favorite tea.

English Tealeaves has been in business since 2002 and has grown to offering 125 choices, but still gives outstanding customer service with a personal touch. We make it easy for you to contact us by email or phone with questions on tea or shipments.

We offer a full range of tea types: Black, green, white, oolong, organic, flavored, decaffeinated teas and caffeine free herbal and fruit infusions (tisanes)

Flavored teas with blends using black, green, white and oolong bases - all caffeinated from high to low levels:

Almond Rose - an unusual blend of black tea, spices, nuts, rosebuds and vanilla flavoring that gives a complex floral spicy cream flavor.
Apricot - very aromatic and strong apricot taste
Black Cherry - fresh fruity taste of cherries
Blackcurrant - a very flavorful blackcurrant black tea with blackcurrant pieces
Blossoms - a blend of three black teas from India, Ceylon and China blended with several blossoms and petals to give a very floral aroma and taste.
Caramel Nut - rich aroma and satisfying flavor this is commonly regarded by our coffee drinkers as the best among flavored teas
Chai Espresso - full rich flavor with a strong cinnamon chai taste with the background coffee flavor
Chai Green - the green tea base creates a milder chai and offers a very refreshing taste due to the addition of peppermint
Chai White - white tea base with great spices to become a very tasty chai that is smooth and gentle on your stomach.
Choc’ Peppermint - rich soothing chocolate peppermint
Divine Temple - a complex blend of 17 different teas & fruits
Earl Grey* - intense aroma, full flavor with natural oil of bergamot
Earl Grey Cream - perfectly balances the tart citrus flavor of orange bergamot with rich, silky cream
Earl Grey Lavender - combines Earl Grey's traditional bergamot flavor with that of soothing, fragrant lavender
Earl Grey Royalty* - organic black tea from China & Darjeeling, India resulting in a milder British style blend.
Princess Grey* - a milder bergamot combined with a delicious lemony flavor
Enchanted Forest - captivating marzipan flavored green tea and mate blend
English Toffee - flavorful toffee blend with real toffee pieces
French Kiss - sweet strawberry and mango in a Pu Erh base
Ginger Pu Erh* - a healthy combination of organic Pu Erh and ginger
Indian Chai* - black tea with traditional chai spices
Irish Whiskey - perfect blend, smooth, creamy, and strong
Japanese Cherry - Sencha base with high-quality sour cherry pieces and a tempting cherry flavor
Jasmine - Chinese green tea scented with Jasmine flowers
Jasmine Pearls - Jasmine flavored green tea rolled into little balls or pearls - multiple infusions

Lemon Ginger - great combination of the ginger tea health benefits mixed with lemon

Lemon Surprise – flavored green tea that has a very lemony taste with a touch of coconut

Magic Moon - extraordinary blend of black tea with a portion of green tea and fruit

Mango - mango flavored black tea that is great iced

Mango Pear - unique flavor of these two fruits will surprise you in its delicate taste

Maple Walnut - exceptional taste experience of sweet, viscous maple syrup and crunchy walnuts

Mayan Cocoa - this chocolate tea has a strong "coffee" like flavor

Mint Vanilla* - tastes good but can also do you good

Moroccan Mint* - tastes just like fresh mint leaves from your garden with a green tea.

Orange & Spicy - Indian spices rounded off with natural orange flavoring

Peach - black tea leaves, dried peach, mango, blackberry leaves, sunflower and calendula petals

Peach Blossom* - white tea and peach blossom flavor is delicate but very tasty

Peach Mojito - has the characteristics of the famous drink - mint, peach and a caramel flavor

Pineapple Cake - the most aromatic tea that we have in our range

Pineapple Matcha - green tea with matcha that has a bold pineapple taste and great iced

Pomegranate - enjoy a green tea with pomegranate nutritional benefits

Raspberry - flavored black tea that is good hot or iced

Red Wine* - black oolong base with red grape skins and fruits

Rose of Orient - tart, fruity and floral green tea

Snowflake - black tea with fine slivers of almond and choice pieces of coconut

Spiced Rum - black tea with the taste of spiced rum without the alcohol

Strawberry Cream - smooth and simply delicious

Strawberry Green – green tea with real bits of strawberry and papaya

Tea on the Beach - green tea with sour cherries and ripe, dripping, sweet pineapple

Tropical Coconut* - greenish oolong with coconut and pineapple

Vanilla – black tea with the robust, relaxing, and fragrant scent of vanilla

White Cherry - white & green tea with a hint of jasmine & coconut in the predominant cherry flavor