Divine Temple
Divine Temple is a complex blend of fruits, white and green tea

Flavored white and green tea
Exotic fruit taste
Price: $17.65


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Divine Temple has an exotic papaya lychee fruit flavor. A complex blend of 17 different teas & fruits where the blender has worked very hard to give you a unique great tasting white/green tea. This is the most complex blend that English Tealeaves offers.

Facts and Stories on Papaya

Papayas originate from Mexico and S. America and are now grown in the Caribbean Islands and as far away as Australia and India. Christopher Columbus gave it the compliment of being the fruit of angels.
The fruit can grow up to 20 inches but in the supermarkets it is usually around 8 inches and has a rich orange color with yellow or pink hues and has seeds. The fruit is very sweet, similar texture to a melon and has some undertones of what some call musk. Papayas are often blended with mangoes in tropical drinks.

Facts and Stories on Lychees

Lychees originate from China where they have grown since the 11th century and China is the world’s largest producer. Grown on trees, it is about the size of a golf ball with bumps that are a larger version of a raspberry but not edible, and has a stone. The skin is red and the fruit is a translucent off white with a sweet taste, slight hint of tartness and a floral perfume. Mainly canned as fresh are very difficult to obtain and overripe ones can taste awful. They have been used in China for flavoring tea for many years.

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