Vanilla Decaffeinated
Delicious flavor of Vanilla without the caffeine.

Decaffeinated black
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Decaffeinated black tea flavored with vanilla.

There is an interesting Aztec legend behind the vanilla bean. According to the myth, princess Xanat, whose father reigned over parts of the Mazatlan Valley, fell in love with the son of a farmer. Of course this love was forbidden. A noble, and the daughter's chief, could not be in love with a simple farmer. They met in secret, and all the while, a jealous god (the god of happiness), watched over them. He wanted the beautiful Xanat for himself. He approached her, but she refused his advances, telling him that her heart belonged to another. Angrily, he turned her into an orchid. (Vanilla flavoring comes from from orchids, primarily from the Mexican species, flat-leaved vanilla). When the farmer's son saw what had become of his beloved Xanat, he killed himself.The legend says that his spirit took the form of the melipona bee (which is the only insect that pollinates the vanilla plant). Whether you're into tragic love stories or not, you might be interested in vanilla tea benefits like stress relief through the calming effect derived through vanilla scented aromatherapy.

Vanilla is also used to create a feeling of being at home. And now, with this decaf vanilla tea blend, you can feel at home any time, and anywhere, just by brewing a nice cup of vanilla decaf tea.

There is a growing number of our customers who require decaffeinated teas for health reasons or difficulty in sleeping. Although there are caffeine free herbal infusions, many “real” tea drinkers miss the fullness and taste profile of the tea in these blends. Herbal & Fruit blends have improved dramatically over the past few years, German blenders being in the forefront of these exciting offerings, and I have listed a few at the bottom that have a great taste that may be acceptable to the tea drinkers.
Good tasting decaffeinated teas are hard to fine as they are not high volume requirements and the decaffeinated teas lose some of the flavor when the caffeine is removed. I like to tell our customers that the caffeine molecules have made friends with some the flavor molecules and they carry them with them on removal. We buy from 4 blenders to get the best tasting teas and create one blend in the Cafe in Parker, the Lemon Green.
Not all the caffeine is removed in the decaffeination process, but only around 3% of the starting caffeine remains. As the average caffeine level for tea is 40mg per 5 oz cup, this only leaves a very small amount (<2 )
The majority of the teas in the USA are decaffeinated using the Carbon Dioxide process that uses a high pressure, super critical process that leaves no toxic residues. The removed caffeine goes to some medicines and of course “cola” drinks.

The popular notion that caffeine interferes with sleep is confirmed in numerous investigations. Even low caffeine doses (100mg) can decrease total sleep time, increase sleep latency and impair subjective evaluations of sleep quality. The large variation in sensitivity to these effects may be due in part to development of tolerance. Regular caffeine users appear to be significantly less sensitive than non caffeine users to the effects of caffeine on sleep. (The Tea Council of the USA)


Apple Almond Crisp, Yoga Spice, Peach Apricot, Lemon Souffle, Gingersnap Cookie, After 7 and to help with sleeping, Good Night.

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