Why buy from us? –English Tealeaves loose leaf teas are the best of the best from over 15 suppliers around the world plus our own blends. If you have not tried a similar tea before and want to be adventurous, we suggest you buy a trial sample first.
In business since 2002, English Tealeaves has grown to offering 125 choices but still gives outstanding customer service with a personal touch. We make it easy for you to contact us by email or phone with questions on tea or shipments.

We offer a full range of tea types: Black, green, white, oolong, organic, flavored, decaffeinated teas and caffeine free herbal and fruit infusions (tisanes)

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A decaffeinated version of our popular blackcurrant tea Blackcurrant Decaffeinated

Blackcurrant black decaffeinated

Price: $14.95
Rich Caramel Nut flavored decaffeinated black tea. Caramel Nut Decaffeinated

Black flavored decaffeinated

Price: $14.95
Decaffeinated tea with chocolate peppermint flavor Chocolate Peppermint Decaffeinated

Chocolate peppermint decaffeinated

Price: $14.95
Cinnamon Orange decaffeinated tea has a spicy orange flavor Cinnamon Orange Decaffeinated

Cinnamon Orange Decaffeinated

Price: $14.95
Decaffeinated version of Earl Grey tea, flavored with the oil of bergamot Earl Grey Decaffeinated

Earl Grey Decaffeinated

Price: $14.50
SALE: $7.25
Savings: $7.25
Decaffeinated English Breakfast black tea English Breakfast Decaffeinated

Black decaffeinated blend

Price: $14.95
Lemon Green is our own blend of decaffeinated green sencha tea with lemon grass and lemon myrtle. Lemon Green Decaffeinated

Lemon decaffeinated blend

Price: $14.95
Decaffeinated black tea with a raspberry flavoring. Raspberry Decaffeinated

Raspberry decaffeinated

Price: $14.95
This is a decaffeinated Chinese Sencha green tea processed by the steam method after harvesting. Sencha Green Decaffeinated

Decaffeinated green tea processed by the steam method

Price: $14.95
Decaffeinated black tea with strawberry bits and flavoring. Strawberry Decaffeinated

Decaffeinated strawberry

Price: $14.95
Delicious flavor of Vanilla without the caffeine. Vanilla Decaffeinated

Decaffeinated black

Price: $14.95

Although the market for real decaffeinated teas is small, we believe that this is an important category for tea drinkers, especially at bedtime or for people who can't drink much caffeine. It's not possible to get the same fullness of flavor with decaffeinated teas as the caffeinated equivalent. However the types we offer are some of the best available as we purchase from several suppliers and blend one ourselves, Lemon Green.