Chocolate Peppermint
Rich and satisfying flavor of chocolate and peppermint

Chocolate Peppermint black tea
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Chocolate Peppermint from English Tealeaves is a very flavorful black tea that refreshes the mouth with the classic smooth taste of two of the world's most popular ingredients .

Facts and stories on Chocolate and Mint

used in drinks dates back three thousand years and is linked to the Aztecs in the south of Mexico. Chocolate was prepared as a drink with the addition of spices and came as a frothy liquid. For the Aztecs it was believed to have special powers and gave warriors strength. The cocoa beans were initially grown in the Americas but the majority is now produced in Africa with close to 70% of the world’s output. Arriving in Europe in the 16th century chocolate first became popular with the aristocrats when sugar was added. Most people like chocolate, especially ladies, and it is one of the popular gifts on Valentine’s Day. At English Tealeaves we have tastings where we pair eight chocolates with teas and it is amazing how the chocoholics eat so much without any problems.

Dark chocolate is made from the cocoa solids and cocoa butter without adding sugar. Milk chocolate has the addition of milk powder and white has the same with sugar added and no cocoa solids. The dark chocolate is offered in various cocoa percentages from 10 to 75%. Over this percentage the chocolate becomes very bitter and hard. The English chocolate produced by Cadbury’s is sought after in America especially by the ex-patriots for its smoother taste that is used in Easter eggs.

Chocolate has become one of the most popular delicacies in the world and is used in many candies, cakes and of course chocolate chip cookies. Also chocolate is used in many drinks, hot or cold such as hot chocolate and chocolate milk. English Tealeaves uses it in several blends and the popular blend for converting coffee drinkers, Mayan Cocoa.

Dark chocolate, especially with high percentage of cocoa, is full of antioxidants and therefore claims many health benefits such as improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Chocoholics use this as a good excuse to eat more and choose to ignore the high calorie content.

Chocolate mint flavors are very popular and used in chocolate, cookies, mints, hot mint chocolate drinks and the after dinner mints such as After 8 from England. English Tealeaves chocolate has this great flavor and if caffeine is a problem, especially when drinking in the evening, there is the caffeine free After 7 that has rooibos as a base.

Peppermint was first discovered in England in the late 18th century and is a flowering perennial. Probably the world’s most well-known aroma, it was named in Greek mythology when Menthe was turned into a peppermint plant after Proserpine found that Pluto was in love with her.

Cultivated mainly in Europe it is a hybrid of the spearmint plant and water mint and is a perennial that grows easily and can spread rapidly to overtake a location. It likes moisture and therefore likes growing by the side of streams and drainage ditches.

Used in many applications like chewing gum, ice cream and toothpaste, but ironically the most popular use is for blending or flavoring drinks, especially tea. At English Tealeaves we offer it as an herbal, the classic Moroccan mint blended with green tea, a mint vanilla blend and as a flavor with chocolate mint and After 7. In England it is used as a condiment when chopped in small pieces with vinegar & sugar and served with roast lamb as against the mint jelly in the USA.

Used in medicine it has many health benefits such as improving nasal blockage as a menthol (the main ingredient of mint) vapor, reducing sickness when pregnant, to mention a few.

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