Ceylon Pettigala
Ceylon Pettigala mild breakfast tea

Pettigala black tea - Ceylon

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Ceylon teas tend to be enjoyed with Breakfast or at least at breakfast time.

The tea leaves themselves are large and offer a mild, light flavor.

Ceylon tea comes from Sri Lanka.

The island of Sri Lanka's geographic location made it a strategic stop on the ancient silk road.

This diverse country's exports include coconuts, cinnamon and, of course, tea!

In fact, it's the world's fourth largest producer of tea. Sri Lanka's climate and elevation make it ideal for cultivating teas with desirable flavors and aromas.

When Sri Lanka was under British rule, it was known as Ceylon, thus the name of this Ceylon Pettigala tea.

This is a black tea blend with a light and mild flavor.

If you're looking for an excellent and exotic breakfast tea, this just might be the tea for you!In many cultures, people drink tea at breakfast regularly.

Just like coffee, one of the benefits from drinking tea in the morning includes stimulation from the caffeine.

Some also believe that drinking tea before consuming food at breakfast can actually help prepare the digestive system to better receive nourishment. (In any case, you won't end up with BAD coffee breath.)

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