We have recently added these new teas which have either complemented our range or have improved teas that we already have. Please give them a try.
chocolate coconut black tea blend Chocolate Bon Bon

Chocolate coconut

Price: $15.35
Pumpkin cream is a rooibos blend Pumpkin Cream

Pumpkin cream
rooibos blend

Price: $15.35
Black and green fruit blend Pearl of Fruits

Black and green fruit blend

Price: $15.35
Marzipan and orange flavor caffeine free blend Polar Fire

Marzipan and orange

Price: $15.35
Mango & Pear white tea blend Mango Pear

Mango Pear

Price: $15.35
Fruits and herbs with strawberry ginger flavor Ginger Treasure

Strawberry Ginger

Price: $15.35
Ayurveda spicy blend of herbs Woman's Activity

Ayurveda blend

Price: $15.35
Black tea blend with spices and fruit with oatmealjavascript:void(0); Spice Cookie

Fruit and spices

Price: $15.35