Some of the reviews from our customers:

I absolutely love Tealeaves! I go at least once a week! Everything on the menu is great, and they know how to make a wonderful cup of tea! Not to mention they have hundreds of tea to choose from. The employees are the nicest peo
ple , and they work really hard. It's practically my home away from home - Mily Sue

There is something about slowing down to have a good cup of tea that soothes away all your troubles. So glad to have found this place, my daughter and her bestie adore it. They have such a fabulous variety of teas I don't know how we will ever sample them all, but we will try! Carla

I am a huge fan of good loose leaf tea, and places that know how to properly prepare it (good tea poorly prepared is too common unfortunately). I have visited Rob & Lynne's place - English Tea Leaves - for years now. It is THE place to go if you appreciate quality tea, prepared well, with a knowledgeable staff that can guide you as you explore teas from around the world. Their tea selection and expertise are unparalleled, and they are more than happy to help you learn more about tea if you so desire. They also have a decent lunch menu with pies, pasties, scones and salads to choose from. If you've ever been to one of those "franchise" tea places and you left underwhelmed, you need to visit English Tea Leaves. It is the real deal! - John

This is the best place for good tea. The staff is well informed and will help with the selection. The owners are very friendly too. When you first walk in you are greeted by the smell of brewing tea. Traditional British food is served as well. There are usually weekly special so check social media websites. This place is great for all types of occasions - Smith

I am a tea lover. I have been studying tea for the past year, and am doing part of my university honors thesis on tea! For one of my earlier projects, I visited English Tealeaves, and I didn't want to leave!
The owners, Rob and Lynne, were extremely helpful to me, and they made my project a joy to work on. They are friendly and welcoming, and Rob really knows his tea!! He truly went out of his way to help me learn about tea, and he recommended a couple great books on the history of tea that I bought and refer to regularly for my larger project.
As a customer, I like browsing the teas and tea blends. They know how to buy it, how to prepare it, how to display it, and how to serve it! And they sell beautiful collectors teapots and English china cups that I haven't seen anywhere else. My husband can even get gluten-free scones here, and they're delicious!
My favorite quick snack at Tealeaves is a pot of or White Cherry tea with scones and blackcurrant jam... or Earl Grey Cream tea and a Battenburg... or Silver Needle green tea with cheddar and tomato sandwich... so many choices!
I'll definitely be bringing my laptop, books, and my appetite to Tealeaves while I study and worn on my next big tea project for school - Claire