Assam Leopards
Assam full-bodied loose-leaf tea

Assam Leopards black blend

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Strong, full bodied with a malty flavor - from the Assam Region of India.

This tea is perhaps as fierce as the feline that it's named after!

The region is the native home of leopards, although their numbers are in decline.

In mythology, the leopard or panther was a symbol associated with the god Dionysis.

In reality, the leopard has been listed as an endangered species since 1970, a victim of habitat loss and poaching. However, by supporting the tea growers in the area, you can help to provide an alternative means of income for locals who might otherwise resort to poaching of animals as a way to earn an income.

And if you're fond of teas from India, as sure as a leopard has spots, you'll love Assam Leopards!

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