Why buy from us? – since 2002 our accessories have been used in the Café or tested before including in our range. We receive verbal comments from customers in the Café and drop any products with negative feedback.

Flag Teapot

Tealeaves logo

Price: $32.00
This is probably the best infuser for brewing in a mug or 2 to 4 cup teapots. The fine mesh stops small particles from the leaves/herbs going in to the brew. Comes with a drip tray. Infuser fine mesh

Comes with drip tray/cover

Price: $12.00
This personal tea bag is easy to fill with loose leaf tea and folds over like a sandwich bag. Great for filling with your favorite high quality tea for traveling and the office. Personal Tea Bag

Travel empty tea bag

Price: $9.25
Adjustable tea measuring spoon in SS and increments of half teaspoon for accuracy Tea measuring Spoon


Price: $9.50
The timer is easy to use and helps get consistent quality tea Tea Timer

Special for tea brewing

Price: $12.00
Stainless steel teapot warmer really keeps the unpoured tea hot using a tea candle. Attractive design of 5 small teapots to support the pot. Warmer

Teapot warmer

Price: $22.50
Details of how to operate the Aladdin (old style but same concept) travel mug:

This is a video from a few years ago when Rob shows different advantages and requirements of various teapots.

Teapot demo