Chai Espresso
Chai with a black tea base and spices
Black tea China cloves, espresso coffee

Black tea with spices
and coffee flavo
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Chai espresso has a bold rich flavor of chai & coffee with a black tea base that has higher caffeine. Great for coffee drinkers making the adventure into tea. Try with breakfast. Cloves have a very sweet and fragrant taste and a strong aroma that was used to disguise poorly preserved food in the Middle Ages.

Facts and Stories about Chai and Cloves

Chai originated in India and chai is the Indian word for tea that has become synonymous with a black tea with warming spices. The type of spices varies in different blends but normally contains cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. Now outside of India there are chai’s with different base teas – white, green teas and herbal caffeine free using rooibos. It is one of the few teas that we believe can be better for some palates with the addition of milk and sugar. The black base is very popular in the morning with the high caffeine of many blends using Assam region teas.

In the early 19th century tea was discovered in the Assam region and this
helped the British dramatically reduce its imports from China to support the high consumption at home. Indian tea consumption remained low as they believed that tea was mainly consumed for medicinal purposes. As in England during the Industrial revolution, the Indian Tea Association encouraged workers to drink tea to increase consumption with the added benefit of the caffeine keeping them more productive. Chai is now extremely popular in India and is mainly prepared in a type of saucepan where the tea leaves are boiled together with the spices and milk. A common sight at the extensive railway network in India are tea boys (wallahs) selling Chai on the platforms to the travelling crowds.

Now very popular around the world and prepared in more English traditional ways of brewing the blend in a teapot and adding the milk and sugar afterwards. Also used in smoothies and available premixed in cartons.

Cloves have a very sweet and fragrant taste and a strong aroma that was used to disguise poorly preserved food in the Middle Ages. Cloves are native to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. They have been consumed in Asia for more than 2,000 years and used to freshen bad breath. Production of cloves was initially in Indonesia but is now concentrated primarily in Eastern Africa.
They have many health benefits including reducing congestion when combined with cinnamon and cardamom. Sounds like a chai tea!

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