Methods to brew ice tea

The three ways that I suggest for making ice tea from loose leaf tea are:

Using a special ice tea maker (not electric) – three links below to buy directly from the manufacturer

A tea infuser that is large enough for the volume of tea for ice tea making

Large empty tea bags that can be sealed using an iron or trapping with the lid of the jug

I suggest you make a concentrate, using twice the normal strength, infuse for the length of tea advised on the bag of tea (you can sometimes brew 25% longer to increase the strength and what would normally be bitter is fine iced – save some tea). I am not an advocate of the “sun tea method.” I appreciate that many people like the “romance” of this method, but to liberate all the flavor in different teas, tisanes and herbal blends you need in most cases boiling water and it is always good to use boiling water from a health aspect.

Links for ice tea makers:

Takeya – we use these in the Café

For Life - glass and great infuser

Bodum – large capacity but infuser not good for rooibos