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Special offers on different tea types - check for new ones when you visit the site next time


Flavored white tea Tea Secrets

Caramel apple flavor

Price: $15.35
SALE: $6.75
Savings: $8.60
Pomegranate Vanilla is a blend of  caffeine free organic rooibos and fruits, nuts and herbs. Pomegranate Vanilla

Pomegranate flavored herbal

Price: $15.35
SALE: $7.25
Happy Colada is a caffeine-free tropical fruit infusion - good iced Happy Colada

Tropical tasting fruit tisane

Price: $15.35
SALE: $7.25
Savings: $8.10
Green tea flavored with lemon and coconut is good iced Lemon Surprise

Lemony coconut flavored green

Price: $15.35
SALE: $7.25
Rich, flavorsome maple walnut flavored green tea. Maple Walnut

Maple walnut flavored green tea

Price: $14.50
SALE: $7.25
These reductions are offered for many reasons

We are sometimes able to get great teas at lower prices but not able to get future supplies so that we can't add to our range.

Other teas are offered at 50% off to entice you to try this type that you will come back and buy in the future,

Our ordering sometimes is too optimistic and we are overstocked. We then need to sell the tea while it is at its best.

We try and offer a variety of types to suit all customers that mainly consist of black, flavored teas, decaffeinated teas, herbals and tisanes. At this price level and our high quality you can be more adventurous.