Oolong Teas types

If you donít like green teas, you might want to try greenish oolongs. Greenish oolongs are less grassy than green teas, and some are a little milky in taste.

The blackish oolongs are fruitier and donít have the strong tastes and bitterness of the black teas.

Oolong Teas are unique because of the process used in making oolong tea leaves.

Depending on how the leaves are harvested and fermented, as well as how the tea is brewed, oolong teas can have a variety of flavors and characteristics. However, oolongs are generally split between the two methods for rolling oolong leaves.

One way of rolling the leaves is to roll them in long leaves, while the other method for oolong tea leaves is to roll them into small balls with a tail on the end.

Oolongs are the bridge between green teas and black teas.

In theory, green teas are not oxidized (which isn't always true).

Black teas are fully oxidized.

The oolongs are partially oxidized.

Greenish oolongs are in the 25% to 30% oxidized range.

Blackish oolongs are in the 65 to 70% oxidized range.

On this page you will find some premium quality loose oolong tea that is available for purchase either through the Cafe or through the website.

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