English Tealeaves was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing consumers with unmatched quality and wide variety of teas. It's products are now available online as well as in select retail stores. Satisfaction guaranteed with all purchases.

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English Tealeaves
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English Tea Leaves Rob and LynneRob admits he is not an expert on tea. He believes that to be an expert you must be involved with the industry for over 25 years and have an in depth knowledge of all tea types, growing and processing.

He started as an engineer in England and then moved into Marketing, moving to the USA in 1981 and starting Tealeaves over 10 years ago. (See bio below for more details)

BUT Rob strongly believes that he is an EXPERT on TEA SELECTION.

English Tealeaves buys from over 14 suppliers, who specialize in different types of tea, and he is always looking for new potential (and dropping some that don’t perform).

On most days, Rob helps customers find teas that they will really enjoy and gets immediate feedback. This is used to refine the range of teas that are offered and eliminate the ones that get poor reviews, as well as taking suggestions for new additions.

Tasting hundreds of samples each year is both exciting and frustrating.

Some suppliers have a few great teas, while many of their other other offerings are of lesser quality and lack fullness & flavor. Only a very small percentage of the teas tasted are added to the range available through English Tealeaves.

How to decide teas that are right for you:
Taste of the tea
Aroma of the tea
Appearance of the tea
Name of the tea

When selecting teas, the most important factor is always the taste.

The aroma is also extremely important. For some people, the aroma of tea really enhances their enjoyment and may have initially influenced them to try the tea.

Other factors are the appearance of the tea, as well as what is added to the blend. Additions to the blend of tea may enhance the flavor or just make it look more appealing.

The name can also have a big influence on whether or not someone tried a particular tea. It can be very descriptive, like Strawberry Green or more mystical like our #1 flavored tea, Snowflake.

For Rob, finding new teas is a passion.

Rob believes that being independent from a specific supplier allows Tealeaves to have one of the best ranges possible because the teas offered are here because of the feedback of our customers. It is very satisfying when we see the reactions from you, our customers, when you're really enjoying your tea, and we get to see the belief you have in our recommendations for you.

Rob’s bio & English Tealeaves creation

English Tea Leaves RobRob was born in Coventry, in the center of England, and started his career as an apprentice engineer with Dunlop, attending Coventry University part time and studying Mechanical & Production Engineering.

After finishing the 4 year apprenticeship he went from a Technical Engineer, to a Sales Engineer, to a Service Engineer, and then to become a Sales Representative.

Engineers don’t normally make good sales reps, but Rob managed to learn how to become an extrovert and succeeded in being promoted to Sales Manager of a Swedish Company.

He believes his greatest selling achievement was persuading Lynne, co Owner of Tealeaves, to marry him back in 1970 in Coventry Cathedral.

Moving to the USA in 1981, he travelled extensively as the Western Regional Manager based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

As the Company grew from $70 million to $2 billion in a space of 7 years, mainly through acquisition, Rob became the Marketing VP and spent 8 years in Iowa as President of one of the acquired companies.

One of the countries he travelled to the most was Japan, where he started to drink and appreciate green tea.

Moving to Colorado in 1997 to set up a new Marketing initiative, he tired of corporate politics and after 12 months started English Tealeaves with Lynne as the Chairman!

The idea came from the desire for Lynne to have an equal role in a venture and to start a Café using their English heritage, hence the name English Tealeaves.
English Tealeaves opened in 2002 in Parker, CO.

After 5 years, English Tealeaves moved to a new location that was twice the size of the old cafe and tea shop.
The plan was always to build up the Company to offer a franchise opportunity.

Franchises could give all types of enterprising tea lovers the opportunity to start a business that avoided all the mistakes that Tealeaves had made, and immediately have a proven range of teas.

Unfortunately, all the legal documents were completed at the beginning of November 2008, which proved to be the wrong time to launch the concept with the poor economy.
Several interested parties were unable to obtain loans to proceed with a franchise.

The concept of the Café is to be able to offer the complete range of teas, correctly brewed, in a very comfortable atmosphere, suitably modern (especially for male customers), with a lunch menu that is available all day.

All of our teas are offered pre packed in a trial size and also (mainly) 4 oz bags.

A complete range of teapots, brewing accessories and tea gifts are also displayed in the Café.

EnglishTeaLeaves.com was originally created as an information source for the Café, then changed its emphasis to sell tea. We've finally achieved a balance of both.

The SEO development for our website was slow initially because of poor selection of consultants. However, now (through the help of one of our customers,) we have an excellent Web Master.

An e mail (TeA-mail) is sent out every month to thousands of people who have become our customers over the years with information on new teas, special offers and health benefits of the tea leaf.

Rob is very keen to personally help customers select teas both face to face, by e mail, or by phone.
Let him help you find your new teas.

Email: robert@englishtealeves.com
Direct phone line: (303) 841-1634.

Rob lives in Franktown, south of Denver, in an area surrounded by trees and patrolled by their German Shepherd, Keikka. They have two sons and two grandchildren living in San Diego.

Rob enjoys tennis (mainly watching these days), skiing , movies, reading, listening to Spotify, Colorado Symphony, theater, and walking in the Colorado open spaces and mountains.


Shipping Information: Orders placed by 3pm EST are shipped the same business day, ensuring a prompt and timely delivery of all your packages. Delivery times are one to four days depending on location.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: We want you to be happy with all the items you ordered and will gladly accept back any item that was purchased within 30 days of receipt that you do not wish to keep.

English Tea Leaves wins customer satisfaction award 2 years in a row!
English Tealeaves Cafe
18551 Main Street
Parker, CO 80134

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Tuesday - Saturday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
Monday: Closed

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