Dragon Chinese teapot
Dragon Chinese teapot
Maple Walnut
NATELA'S GOLD - Best black I have ever had!
NEW Snowflake K cups
"I love you" collector teapot
2 cup Cafe teapot
2 cup Cafe Teapot
2 cup Cafe Teapot
2 cup Cafe Teapot
2 cup Cafe teapot
2 cup Cafe Teapot
2 cup Cafe Teapot
2 cup Cafe Teapot
2 cup Cafe teapot
2 cup Café Teapot
2 cup Café Teapot
2 cup Café Teapot
2 cup Café Teapot
2 cup teapot
2 cup Teapot
2 cup teapot
2 cup teapot
4 cup teapot
5 Decaffeinated Teas
5 Earl Grey samples
5 Flavored teas samples
5 Herbal Tea Samples .
Acorn teapot with infuser -30oz
Acorn teapot with infuser -30oz
Adjustable Measuring Spoon
After 7 Tea
All Products
AMAZING TRAVEL MUG infusing basket retracts
American Cup Cake
Anxi Green Tea
Apple Almond Crisp Tea
Apricot Tea
Assam Hathikuli Organic Tea
Assam Leopards Tea
Beehouse Japanese teapot
Beehouse Teapot
Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) Tea
Black (Wild)Cherry Tea
Black Dragon Pearls
Black Tea
Black tea from Vietnam 4 oz
Blackcurrant Decaf Tea
Blackcurrant Tea
Bodum Ice Tea Maker - 51 oz
Bodum Ice Tea Maker 101 oz
Books Tea Mug
British Flag Mug (For Tea Or Coffee Or Cocoa)
British Flag Tea Pot (2 Cup)
British Flag Teapot - (4 Cup) With Tealeaves Logo
Brown Betty 4 cup teapot
Brown Betty 6 cup teapot
Brown Betty 8 cup Teapot
Brown Betty Teapot 2 cup
Cafe in Parker, Colorado
Cafe in Parker, Colorado
cafe menu
Cafe menu
Caramel Nut Decaf Tea
Caramel Nut Tea
Ceylon Petiygala Tea
Chai Green Tea
Chai Indian organic
Chamomile Organic Tea
Cherry Vanilla Tea
Childrens Tea Set in basket
Childrens Tea Set in basket
Chinese tea set
Chinese tea set
Chinese tea set
Chinese tea set
Chinese tea set
Chinese tea set
Chinese tea set
Chocolate Orange Tea
Chocolate Peppermint Decaf Tea
Chocolate Peppermint Tea
Chocolate Strawberry Tea
Christmas Chai
Christmas Chai
Christmas Gift Pack of 6 teas
Christmas Gift sleeve of two teas
Christmas Teas
Christmas teas with infuser
Christmas Tree Tea
Cinnamon Orange
Cinnamon Orange Decaf Tea
Coconut Chai
Coconut Quench
Cold Chaser Tea
Collapsible Travel Infuser
Creamy Lemon Tea
Darjeeling 1st Glenburn
Darjeeling 2nd Flush
Darjeeling Green Tea - 2013
Darjeeling Tea -1st Flush 2015 - Castleton Estate
Decaf Sencha Green Tea
Decaffeinated Teas
Divine Temple
Dragon Chinese teapot
Dragon Infuser Mug
Dragon infuser mug
Dragon Well Tea ORGANIC
Drinking lid for travette
Earl Gray Pu Erh
Earl Grey Cream Tea
Earl Grey Decaf Tea
Earl Grey Jasmine
Earl Grey Lavender
Earl Grey Organic Tea
Earl Grey Royalty
Electric Kettle - Glass and Cordless (58oz)
Enchanted Forest Tea
English Breakfast - our blend #1 selling tea for 10 years
English Breakfast Decaf Tea
English fine bone china mug
English Tealeaves Scone Mix
Fireside -Organic
Fireside Christmas Tea
Flavored Teas
Flavored Teas
Formosa Superior Oolong Tea
Franchise opportunities
French Kiss Tea
Fruit Punch Tea
Genmaicha Tea
Georgian Old Lady Tea
Gift pack of 8 Christmas Teas
Ginger Lime Tea - Organic
Gingersnap Cookie
Gingersnap Cookie Tea
Glass Stove Teapot with SS Infuser
Glass teapot with infuser
Gluten-free menu
Golf clubs collector teapot
Good Night Tea
Grand Keemum Tea
Green Monkey Tea
Green Tea Infuser (Collapsible Infuser)
Gui Fei Tea
Gunpowder Tea
Hawaiian Passion Tea
Herbal & Tisanes
Herbals & Tisanes
High Mountain Oolong Tea
High Teas and Tea Parties
High Teas and Tea Parties
Holiday Spice Tea
Holiday Teas Gift Pack
Honey Bear Tea
Houjicha Tea
Iced Tea Makers
Iced Tea Makers
Indian Decaf Black Tea
Indochine Tea
Infuser - small for mugs
Infuser mug
Infuser mug
Infuser mug
Infuser Mug
Infuser SS - for 2 cup teapot
Infuser SS fine mesh
Irish Breakfast Tea
Irish Whiskey Tea
Island Dreams Tea
Japanese Cherry Tea
Japanese Sencha Organic Tea
Jasmine Pearls Tea
Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Yin Hao Tea
Job Opportunity
Kanchanjangha Tea
Keep Your Diet Tea
Kenya Kangaita Organic Tea
Kukicha Tea
Lapsang Souchong Tea
LARGE Teapot - 72 oz - 9 cup - FREE SHIPPING
LARGE Teapot - 72 oz - 9 cup – Cobalt Blue - FREE Shipping
LAST ONE - LARGE Collector Teapot - The Band
Lemon Decaf Green Tea
Lemon Ginger Tea
Lemon Souffle Tea
Loose Leaf Christmas Tea Starter Set
Loose leaf tea starter set
Magic Moon
Mango & Friends Tea
Mango Organic
Mango Tea - #2 Flavored Tea
Mayan Cocoa Tea
Mini Cooper mug
Mint Vanilla Pu Erh
Mojito Tea
Moroccan Mint Tea - Organic
NEW Red Wine
NEW Blood Orange Organic
NEW Blueberry Ginger
NEW English Toffee
NEW Golden Red
NEW Happy Colada
NEW Imperial Oolong - 4 oz bag
NEW Japanese Cherry
NEW Lemon Surprise
NEW Lemon Surprise
NEW Orange Cinnamon
NEW Polynesian Spalsh
NEW Pomegranate Vanilla
NEW Tea on the Beach
Nilgiri Tiger Hill Tea
Nutcracker Christmas Tea
Orange & Spicy Tea
Orange Chrysanthemum Pu Erh
Orange Creamsicle Tea
Orange Surprise Tea
Oriental Beauty - 2 oz bag
Peach Apricot Tea
Peach Mojito
Peach Tea
Peppermint Tea
Personal Teabags for Loose Tea
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pomegranate Tea
Pomegranate Vanilla Revised
Princess Grey
Pu Erh
Raspberry Black Tea
Raspberry Decaf Tea
Raspberry Green Tea
Raspberry Vanilla Tea
Rasputin Tea
Red Christmas
Red Christmas Tea
Red Tea Infuser (Collapsible Infuser)
Rooibos Tea - Organic
Rose Decorated Mug (With Infuser)
Rose of the Orient Tea
Russian Caravan Tea
Scone mix set with English clotted cream and lemon curd
Set of tea spoons
Silver Needles Tea - Organic
Snowflake Tea: The #1 Favorite Flavored Tea
Spiced Rum
Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Strawberry Cream Tea
Strawberry Green Tea
Takeya 66-Ounce Iced Tea Maker
Takeya Flash 2 piece set
Tall Tea Mug With Infuser
Tall Tea Mug With Infuser
Tea Coffee Blend with Mayan Cocoa
Tea Coffee Blend with Assam Black
Tea Coffee Blend with Caramel Nut
Tea For Coffee Drinkers
Tea Maker
Tea Of The Month Club
(3 Months: One Tea Each Month)

Tea Of The Month Club
(3 Months: Two Teas Each Month)

Tea Of The Month Club
(6 Months: One Tea Each Month)

Tea Of The Month Club
(6 Months: Two Teas Each Month)

Tea parties
tea parties
Tea selection
Tea Timer
Tealeaves Cafe
Tealeaves Cafe and Tea Shop
Tealeaves Christmas Caddie
Tealeaves Christmas Tea
Tealeaves Green Tea
Teapot Warmer
Teapot with Christmas Teas
Teapots, Travel Mugs & More
Teeli infuser - fine mesh- Large
Teeli Tea Infuser - medium
Ti Juan Yin Iron Goddness Of Mercy Tea
Tranquility Organic Tea
Travel electric kettle
Travel Electric Kettle - SS
Travel Mug with stop brewing infuser Wasabi
Travel Mug with stop brewing infuser - Black
Travel Mug with stop brewing infuser Mango
Travel Mug with stop brewing infuser Stainless Steel
Travette - Blue Tea Maker - 20 oz
Travette - Pink Tea Maker - 20 oz
Travette - Stainless Steel Tea Maker - 20 oz
Travette - White Tea Maker - 20 oz
Travette Drinking Lid
Travette insulated - red
Travette insulated - stainless
Travette insulated - white
Travette Tea Maker - 20 oz
Turquoise Tea Infuser
Two Stainless steel mugs
Two stainless steel mugs
Vanilla Decaf Tea
Vanilla Tea
Violet Tea Infuser (Collapsible Infuser)
VW Bettle Car mug
Watermelon Tea
White Cherry
White Peony Tea - Organic
Yellow Tea Infuser (Collapsible Infuser)
Yerba Mate Tea
Yoga Spice Tea

English Tea Leaves wins customer satisfaction award 2 years in a row!
English Tealeaves Cafe
18551 Main Street
Parker, CO 80134

Cafe and Tea Shop Hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
Monday: Closed

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