High Teas and English Tea Parties at English Tealeaves inspired by the English heritage of the owners and perfected over the last 15 years.
Our aim is to give you an enjoyable, relaxing experience with great food and excellent tea at the day and time to suit your schedule.
Please contact the Cafe 720 851 6099
for more information and reservations

High Teas (Tea Parties) All served on our best English china. We suggest you allow 2 - 2.5 hours for the "feast".
Your tea party can be shortened if you tell us your time restraints. Relax & Enjoy!

Group Parties - for over 15 years we have had the opportunity to host many parties for special occasions. Bridal showers, anniversaries, baby showers, retirements, birthdays, church groups, senior living centers and many others. We have a private back room that can seat 18 and have a table for gifts. If the group is larger it can overflow into other adjoining sections with up to 28. For larger groups up to 50 we can arrange a time when the Cafe is closed to cater your event.

Royal Tea Party
($34 per person)
2.5 Hours suggested
  • Unlimited pots of tea from a choice of over 125 types
  • Four types of tea sandwiches: (smoked salmon, turkey, cucumber & tomato & cheese)
  • Two freshly made scones with Devonshire cream and choice of 7 jams
  • Fresh fruit medley
  • Decadent desserts
  • Scottish shortbread biscuits

Deluxe Tea Party
($25 per person)
2 Hours Suggested
  • Four pots of tea
  • Choose from over 125 types of tea
  • Three kinds of tea sandwiches: (turkey, cucumber & tomato & cheese)
  • Two freshly made scones with Devonshire cream
  • Choice of 7 jams
  • Scottish shortbread biscuits

Children's Tea Party
for Ages 4 to 7 ONLY

($13.75 per child)
  • Caffeine free teas
  • Choose from over 25 types
  • Teapot shaped turkey sandwich
  • Toasted crumpet with jam
  • Fresh fruit
  • Scottish shortbread biscuit

Children's Tea Party
for Ages 8 to 12 ONLY

($16.95 per child)
  • Choose from over 125 types
  • 3 types of finger sandwiches
  • Toasted crumpet with jam
  • Scone with butter & jam
  • Fresh fruit
  • Scottish shortbread biscuit
  • English chocolate fudge bar

We are offering the special afternoon party below for a limited period at a reduced price in addition to our regular parties.



Enjoy an extravagant feast with

your family and friends

Unlimited pots of tea from over 130 choices

Freshly made finger sandwiches, including roast turkey with cranberry sauce, cucumber and cream cheese, honey smoked salmon, egg salad, and garden veggie cream cheese

English cream of tomato soup

Cranberry Scones with English Devonshire cream and jam

Fresh fruit medley

Chocolate peppermint cheesecake

Special holiday shortbread cookie

English Christmas Cracker

Tea sample of your choice to take home

Clotted Cream for scones

Holiday Parties will be offered from

Tuesday November 14th to Sunday January 14th

$39.75 per person*

We can accommodate Groups from 2 to 24 (backroom seats 18)

Reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.

Please advise of any special dietary needs and we will try & accommodate .

*Add $4 for GF guests, sales tax is not included and a 20% gratuity is added to all parties.

Clotted Cream is the cream that is served in England with scones and jam. This is a very delicious rich cream that is unique to Devon, England and the cream we serve in our Café. Expensive to import but the “real thing” We serve this in the small unopened jars to show that it is genuine and many people take some home. Many Cafes try and make it themselves to save cost but once you have tried the Devonshire original it is difficult to accept substitutes.

Clotted cream is made by indirectly heating cow’s milk using a water or steam bath in trays where the thicker cream rises to the surface and forms “clots”. Perhaps due to the high fat content it is appropriate to called it clotted (arteries) but it is only a small jar of one ounce that we serve.

There is always the argument, like milk in tea, what do you put on the scone first. Traditionally in England you put the jam first and then the cream on top. I love clotted cream so my method is cream jam cream.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to England I would suggest that you visit Devon and then further south west to Cornwall. Be brave and drive your own rental car along the very narrow, high hedgerow roads where you may have to reverse into special pull offs to let other vehicles pass. Great coast line and downs (Lorna Doone) full of sheep – Rob – Owner of English Tealeaves

If you want to come and enjoy Afternoon Tea with maybe a pot of tea and scones with jam and English cream, you do not need a reservation, unless there are six or more of you in your party. We do have two tables that can accommodate larger groups and these do need to be reserved.