Herbal Teas and Tisanes - over 30 types

In the mood for something herbal?

Our herbal teas and tisanes are (as with all our teas) premium quality and caffeine free.

A note about herbals and tisanes:

Neither have tea in the blends, hence no caffeine.

"Tea" was probably added to the name because herbals and tisanes are brewed in the same way as teas.

However, people often get confused because they wonder how a "tea" can be caffeine free.

Generally speaking, herbals have a “base” of the typical herbs, flowers, and flavors.

Tisanes is a European name for a fruit infusion.

At it's most basic level, a tisane is primarily fruit (with a few exceptions) and most tisanes use apple as the base.

If you are prone to difficulties with sleeping or have some of the other negative effects from caffeine, these teas will be great for you.

People are often pleasantly surprised just how full of flavor our herbals and tisanes are, and they come in a variety of flavors.

Give one of these a shot today and see for yourself.

(By way of reference, in the Agatha Christie books, Inspector Poirot is always drinking tisanes.)

FREE BAG OF TEA FOR FIRST ORDERS - JUST ORDER TWO BAGS OF TEA AND GET AN ADDITIONAL ONE FREE - put the type you want in the "gift message" on the check out page. The free bag must be the same price as the lowest price ordered.

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