Green Tea - 14 types

green teaAlthough green teas are usually associated with Asia (in particular China and Japan), there are places for high quality green tea all over the world.

Green tea retains it's color and flavor by the direct application of high heat.

The goal is to seal in the flavors and colors of the tea as quickly as possible, within the first hours after the tea leaves are picked.

Usually, green tea leaves are created with either steam or by cooking the leaves in pans that are heated to certain temperatures before the leaves are dropped in.

Traditionally, the Japanese are known for steaming tea leaves to keep them green, while the Chinese are known for using the dry pan method.

Our green teas are some of the richest green colors you will find in tea. This is because we source tea from tea producers and resellers which use state-of-the-art practices in both the picking and heating process.

You can either get straight green tea leaves below, or find a flavor you like (or would like to try).

Click on any green tea to get a more in-depth description.

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