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Green tea from the Darjeeling region of India Darjeeling Green

Darjeeling Green Tea

: $13.45
Dragon Well is a well known green tea from China and is grown organically Dragon's Well

Organic green tea

: $15.50
Formosa Oolong has a rich full flavor without the astringency of black teas Formosa Oolong

Partially oxidized oolong

: $14.75
Genmaicha is a green tea with roasted and popped rice Genmaicha

Green tea with rice

: $13.45
Green Monkey is a mild flavored green tea from Fuijian Province in China. Green Monkey

Medium flavor green

: $13.45
Gunpowder green tea has a natural mild smokiness and is from China. Gunpowder

Smoky green

: $13.45
Gyokuro is the best leaf tea from Japan and is a beautiful green infusion Gyokuro

High grade Japanese green

: $23.75
Houjicha is a roasted green Bancha tea from Japan Houjicha

Roasted bancha

: $16.75
Japanese Sencha Shin Ryoku is a premium Sencha Japanese Ryoku

Premium sencha

: $17.75
Everyday lower grade Japanese Sencha green tea Japanese Sencha basic

Basic sencha

: $14.25
High quality organic Japanese Sencha Japanese Sencha Organic

Organic Sencha

: $16.25
Kukicha has a very smooth, delicate flavor. Kukicha

Green leaves & stems

: $14.50
This is a greenish Oolong with a natural slight milky taste. Milky Oolong

Special milky taste oolong

: $16.75
A green leaf hopper insect bites the leaves in the early summer which changes the chemistry to give a very complex taste. Oriental Beauty

Complex darkish Oolong

: $18.50
Pouchong is from Taiwan and is a lightly oxidized greenish Oolong. Pouchong

Lightly oxidized oolong

: $16.75
Pu Erh Organic is a darkish Oolong that is aged to produce a stronger fuller flavor. Pu Erh Organic

Aged oolong tea

: $14.25
Red Robe Oolong is an artisan tea from the Wuyi Mountains in China. Red Robe

Special oolong from WuYi

: $16.75
Silver Needles (Yin Zhen) organic is the premium white tea that is just buds and minimally processed. Silver Needles

White organic buds

: $22.50
White Peony (Pai Mu Dan) is a white organic tea from China. White Peony

White organic tea

: $16.75
Although green teas are usually associated with Asia (in particular China and Japan), there are places for high quality green tea all over the world.
Green tea retains it's color and flavor by stopping the oxidization thru direct application of high heat. Green tea leaves are created with either steam or by cooking the leaves in pans. Traditionally, the Japanese are known for steaming tea leaves to keep them green, while the Chinese are known for using the dry pan method.The goal is to seal in the flavors and colors of the tea as quickly as possible, within the first hours after the tea leaves are picked.