Decaffeinated Teas - 12 types

There is a growing number of our customers who require decaffeinated teas for health reasons or to sleep better.

Although there are caffeine free herbal infusions, many “real” tea drinkers miss the fullness and taste profile of the tea in these blends.

Herbal & Fruit blends have improved dramatically over the past few years.

German blenders have been in the forefront of these exciting offerings, and I have listed a few at the bottom that have a great taste that will likely be acceptable to enthusiastic tea drinkers.

Good tasting decaffeinated teas are hard to find.

They are low volume, and generally most decaffeinated teas lose some of the flavor when the caffeine is removed.

I like to tell our customers that the caffeine molecules have made friends with some the flavor molecules. They go together when the caffeine is removed.

So other tea companies will sell you decaffeinated teas that have an inferior flavor profile.

However, we buy from 4 different decaf tea blenders. This lets us choose from the best tasting teas.

We also create one blend of our own here in the Cafe in Parker, the Lemon Green Tea.

Not all the caffeine is removed in the decaffeination process.

However, only around 3% of the starting caffeine remains.

As the average caffeine level for tea is 40mg per 5 oz cup, this only leaves a very small amount (less than 2%), of the cup as caffeine.

In the USA, most teas are decaffeinated using the Carbon Dioxide process that uses a high pressure, super critical process. This means there are no toxic residues.

If you're wondering... The removed caffeine goes to some medicines and of course “cola” drinks.

English Tealeaves Owner

CAFFEINE FREE SUGGESTIONS Apple Almond Crisp, Fireside, Yoga Spice, Peach Apricot, Lemon Souffle, Gingersnap Cookie, After 7, and (to help with sleeping), Good Night.

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