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Tealeaves Café
Tealeaves Café
Tealeaves Consultant Services offers a complete plan for setting up a tea café from inception to full operation with training assistance and consulting at different levels. We can also help existing cafés grow faster and improve profitability.

Our plan is based on the successful operation of English Tealeaves that was started in 2002 and now offers a café serving lunch, a range of over 125 loose leaf teas (available to drink in café, take out or brew at home), tea parties, tea accessories and gifts.

Your new business will benefit from the real world experiences of Tealeaves’ owners and management with over 12 years in the field. Their successes and, more importantly, the failures they learned from, would help new start-ups save tens of thousands of dollars, frustration and expedite success.

Many tea café startups fail because of weak concept viability, poor tea knowledge, insufficient retail business knowledge and loss of passion due to the longer start up ramp consuming so much energy and resources. Our plans and assistance allow a new company to enjoy the benefit of a proven model without the restrictions of a franchise operation, at a lower cost and with no royalty payments. It also gives the owners the flexibility to add their own ideas and yet have guidance from experienced advisers. We offer three packages or can tailor to your specific requirements.

A questionnaire for evaluating potential start ups is available to help determine if this enterprise is really for you and that you have the necessary skills and capital to go forward. We look forward to sharing our knowledge to ensure you realize the vision for your Tea Café.

You may reach Tealeaves Consulting at or by phone at 303-841-1634.

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Robert’s journey to becoming a Tea consultant

Rob & Lynne
Rob & Lynne Ridge
Founders and owners of Tealeaves Café
Rob was born in Coventry, in the center of England, and started his career as an apprentice engineer with Dunlop, attending Coventry University and studying Mechanical & Production Engineering.

He worked as a Sales Engineer, a Service Engineer, and then Sales Manager of a Swedish Company. Moving to the USA in 1981, he travelled extensively as the Western Regional Manager based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

As the Company grew from $70 million to $2 billion in a space of 7 years, mainly through acquisition, Rob became the Marketing VP and then spent 8 years in Iowa as President of one of the acquired companies. During this time the workforce more than trebled in size and he worked extensively with consultants to help grow and motivate the team.

One of the countries he travelled to the most was Japan, where he started to drink and appreciate green tea. After moving to Colorado, he tired of corporate politics and decided to base a new enterprise on his and his wife’s English heritage – hence English Tealeaves, which opened in Parker, Colorado in 2002.

Rob believes that he is not an expert on tea as you must be involved with the industry for over 25 years and have an in depth knowledge of all tea types, growing and processing - BUT Rob strongly believes that he is an EXPERT on TEA SELECTION.

English Tealeaves buys from over 15 suppliers, who specialize in different types of tea, and is always looking for better and amazing teas. Tasting hundreds of samples each year is both exciting and frustrating. Some suppliers have a few great teas, while many of their other offerings are of lesser quality and lack fullness & flavor. Only a very small percentage of the teas tasted are added to the range. Rob believes that being independent from a specific supplier allows Tea Cafes to have the best range possible by buying from companies who specialize in specific tea types. It is very satisfying when we see the reactions from our customers, when they are really enjoying their tea and they help make the decisions on what is in our range.

Rob regularly attends Tea conferences to enhance his tea knowledge and build his extensive contacts in the Tea Industry. The technical background, sales experience, training a sales team and running a $30 million subsidiary of an international company has given Robert the skills to run a small business with the ability to hire, train and motivate a team and reduce costs and increase sales and margins to achieve needed profitability. We are excited to partner with you and look forward to hearing of your dream.

English Tealeaves Cafe
18551 Main Street
Parker, CO 80134

Cafe and Tea Shop Hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
Monday: Closed

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