Apricot Tea

Apricot Tea
Apricot Tea
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This 4 oz bag of Apricot Tea makes approximately 32 cups

The benefits of apricots have been touted through history.

And it's no wonder. That sweet tartness that comes with dried apricot can be addictive (in a good way).

Dried apricots lose their water, but they hang on to their nutrients. It's one of the unique things about apricots.

In eating 1 pound of dried apricots, you can benefit from nearly the same number of nutrients as you'd get if you ate 5 pounds of fresh apricots.

This includes the valuable beta-carotene (benefit: helps eyesight among other things) and high levels of iron, potassium, Calcium and vitamin C.

Dried ApricotsDried apricots were used thousands of years ago by the traditional healers of the time to help iron levels in the body.

While this tea doesn't necessarily help with your body's nutrition, the caffeine effects from black tea can increase the speed of your circulation.

The benefits from this are varied depending on who you are, but can help you get more nutrition from the food you are eating as well.

This flavored apricot tea uses black tea from China and Ceylon. In it, you will find dried flaked mango, marigold blossoms (which actually do provide some nutrition as they are steeped into the tea), and flavorings including apricot.

Brewing time:
4-5 minutes.
4oz makes about 32 cups of tea.
Brewing instructions for your apricot tea are included.

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