AMAZING TRAVEL MUG infusing basket retracts

AMAZING TRAVEL MUG  infusing basket retracts
Item# aladdin-travel-basket-infuser

This is the most innovative product we have seen in our 10+ years in business at English Tealeaves.The photo shows two travel mugs - one with the infuser basket down for brewing and then the other with it retracted to stop overbrewing. Inside the mug is an infuser basket that lowers and raises the tea, so your tea is perfectly brewed, every time.Other travel mugs in the market have to either remove the infuser before you head off or allow the leaves to remain in contact with the water and over brew.

You drink down the side of the basket, so you don't drink the tea thru the tea leaves.

Aladdin Travel Mug features:

- Double wall (keeps tea warm)
- BPA free (only good tea inside)
- Dishwasher safe (easy to clean) - Available only in Green

We have sold over 1,000 Aladdin infusers.

Of course this Travel Mug makes a great gift for anyone. Any tea lover on the go will love how easy it is to use this mug while traveling from place to place, and ensure that your tea is still is still perfectly brewed. No overbrewed tea with the retractable infuser and when you drink the tea goes at the side of the infuser, not thru the tea leaves.

After purchasing one Aladdin Travel infuser, we had a customer return to the store to purchase 8 more travel mugs to give as gifts as she was so impressed with hers.

Watch as Rob demonstrates how the Aladdin travel basket infuser works.

English Tea Leaves wins customer satisfaction award 2 years in a row!
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